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Peruse through our array of coin effects you can learn. Coin tricks that will leave your audience stunned!

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With these Featured magic tricks you will be able to mystify and astound people. Choose from some of the best tricks we carry. Magic tricks for all ages. Watch demos of the magic tricks performed on most items.


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We carry DVDS that range from beginner to more advanced magic. You can use these Dvds to learn magic with any object like coins and cards. Some DVDs will come with the supplies needed for the trick


Magic Sets
These complete magic sets that will include all the tricks you will need to do a wide variety of magic tricks. These custom sets are made with some of the finest magic tricks we carry which are put together in a package.

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Custom cards & trick decks to impress your friends. We have them in stock. Check out the video demos and magic you can start learning!

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