A prediction is placed in a see thru wine glass or cup and at the end of the trick contains the correct answer

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This new mental creation will have your crowd bewildered. Imagine if it looked like any prediction made by the magician came true. Effect: Just write a prediction of a character, number, country, etc on paper and drop it into a cup or glass. A spectator the number only to find out that is the same number written on your paper prediction. It will match mysteriously.
VERTIGO is a genius tool, not only useful in mentalism, but also for parlor, stage or close up magic.

Some of its advantages:
No forcing
The Magicians hands are always seen by the audience.
Trick resets in seconds
No writing system like swami gimmicks etc.
No special trick paper.
No sleeves required.
Does not require batteries,
The gimmick is built just for this trick.
The prediction goes in a wine glass, cup, or set it on the table.
What does the VERTIGO set include?

You will get a gimmick specially created for VERTIGO, more than 40 minutes of online instructions (in English and Spanish), routines and all the required materials to perform any of the described effects.

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