• Alex Linians Puncture 2.0 Coin Trick
    Puncture 2.0 Quarter Coin Trick
    A borrowed quarter held at your fingertips is visibly punctured with a pen...leaving the quarter shish-ka-bobbed onto the pen! The permanently punctured quarter and pen are immediately handed out for examination...
    Our Price: $35.00
  • Hopping Half Coins Tail Side
    Hopping Half Coins
    Show two coins, a half dollar and an English penny. Place them in your closed hand. Remove one, show it, place it in your pocket. Open your hand- both coins are still there! Repeat this several times, if you wish...
    Our Price: $49.99 $39.99
  • hand out 500 money trick
    Hand Out 500 by Steve Haynes and Paul Harris - DVD
    Steve Haynes' Hand Out 500 starts off like all the other wonderful versions of Pat Page's easy money; you display four or five single 1$ bills, then in a flash, the $1s visibly change into $100s.     The Big...
    Our Price: $34.95
  • Flicker Coin Trick
    Flicker Coin Vanish by Rocco -Half Dollar Version
      Available most likely late August 2013 From the man who brought you D'lite comes FLICKER by Rocco! FLICKER will take your coin magic to new heights with ZERO SKILL. Visual coin magic usually requires...
    Our Price: $39.95

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