Raven Mint (Requires Raven Starter Kit) -Half Dollar or Quarter Versions

Passage Card Through Card Trick
Wave your hand over a disk of metal and it transforms into a real coin!

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Make money out of nothing. Wave your hand over a disk of metal and watch as it instantly transforms into an examinable coin. Perform a miracle in your spectator’s hand. This is Raven Mint from Penguin Magic.

Here’s what happens:

The magician displays a flat disk that is about the size of a coin. It is in fact what a coin looks like before the US Mint stamps it into actual currency. The disk is shown on the front and then back, and then placed into the spectator’s hand. The magician waves their hand over the disk and it visually transforms into a real coin that can be given away.

Raven Mint is an official accessory for The Raven. Available in both Half Dollar and Quarter size, Raven Mint also comes with video instructions taught by Nick Locapo. Raven Mint is a fantastic addition to the repertoire of impossible things you can perform with The Raven. Used as an introduction to a longer coin routine, or as a piece of magic on its own, Raven Mint deserves a spot in your pocket. Make money out of nothing with Raven Mint.

More details:

Introducing Raven Mint, the revolutionary coin magic that allows you to create money seemingly out of thin air! With just a wave of your hand over a small disk of metal, behold the mesmerizing transformation as it instantaneously morphs into an examinable, genuine coin right before your spectators’ eyes. Prepare to perform a true miracle in the palm of your spectator’s hand, leaving them awestruck and questioning the boundaries of reality.

This ingeniously designed coin magic begins with the magician showcasing a flat disk, almost resembling the pre-minted form of a coin used by the US Mint. The disk is meticulously displayed on both its front and back, ensuring that your audience sees nothing more than a simple piece of metal. However, the true enchantment is about to unfold as the magician entrusts the disk into the spectator’s hand, inviting them to witness the mystical metamorphosis.

With a graceful flourish and a flick of the wrist, the magician waves their hand over the disk, channeling their magical prowess to work wonders. And in an instant, the once mundane disk transforms into a bona fide, tangible coin, ready to be examined and even given away as an extraordinary souvenir. The level of astonishment among your audience will be unparalleled, as they grapple with the seemingly inexplicable creation of money out of nothing.

Designed as an official accessory for The Raven Starter Kit, Raven Mint offers versatility and flexibility, available in both Half Dollar and Quarter size variations. Master magician Nick Locapo takes you under his wing with comprehensive video instructions, imparting the secrets and finesse required to perform this jaw-dropping illusion with finesse and confidence.

Whether you choose to incorporate Raven Mint as a captivating introduction to a more extensive coin routine or let it shine as a standalone piece of enchantment, one thing is certain: this extraordinary magic trick will leave an indelible mark on your audience’s memories. Seamlessly blend it into your existing repertoire, or wield it as a standalone wonder, the choice is yours.

Compact and portable, Raven Mint easily finds a spot in your pocket or prop case, making it the perfect companion for any magician on the go. Astonish your friends, family, and spectators with the uncanny ability to create money seemingly from nowhere, and witness the amazement and delight light up their faces.

Unlock the secret to making money out of nothing and elevate your magical performances to new heights with Raven Mint. Embrace the allure of illusion, captivate minds, and leave an unforgettable impression with this remarkable coin transformation magic. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey of wonder and mystery with Raven Mint from Penguin Magic.

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