• Silk Vanish Trick -Vanishing scarf
    Vanishing Silk Magic Trick
      Imagine being able to push a small object into your hand and make it disappear without difficult sleight of hand. This utility device makes it possible to vanish silks, cigarettes, salt, even water in your bare...
    Our Price: $8.99
  • Vapr Smoke Trick
    Vapr Smoke Magic Trick Device
      Here is a great new smoke device. Probably the best one in the magic world. Just run the tube down your arm (underneath your sleeve) and this device will produce smoke whenever you want. Make any trick look...
    Our Price: $179.95
  • Wiregrams -Memory
    Wiregrams Imagine dipping a straight piece of ordinary wire into hot liquid, and it instantly changes into the shape of a previously selected card! You can also use a cigarette lighter flame underneath the wire and it...
    Our Price: $14.99 $7.99
  • Pencil through $1
    Pencil Through Bill Pro -Instant Download*
       Effect: The magician shows a regular pencil and $1 bill. He folds the bill and shoves the pencil clean thru the $1. The audience can see that the pencil really is through the bill. After tearing out the...
    Our Price: $7.50
  • Porthole Card Trick
    Porthole by Darryl Vanamburg -Visual Card Trick
      Here is a fun new visual twist of a classic card effect. Stop what you're doing right now and WATCH THE TRAILER. You'll see a punched hole MOVE, BY ITSELF, from one end of a card to another. The card is signed...
    Our Price: $39.99
  • Matchbox Mystery Brass Closeup
    MatchBox Brass Block Mystery Penetration
      EFFECT: Display a small box of matches and a toothpick. Push the toothpick straight through the center of the matchbox, freely showing it at all times. Remove the toothpick and open the box. Instead of matches,...
    Our Price: $24.99
  • Tarantula Magic Trick
    Tarantula Magic Trick - Yigal Mesika. Make objects levitate
    Check this Tarantula magic effect out: you are in a normal setting – perhaps a coffeehouse, walking down the street,classroom, park,or even a party. You borrow a friend’s ring and hold it very cleanly – nothing to...
    Our Price: $79.99 $48.99
  • Linking Cigarette Trick DVD by Akira Fujii
    Linking Cigarette Trick DVD by Akira Fujii
    Effect: The magician borrows a Cigarette and holds it between his fingers. Then slowly then penetrate through each other. It looks like they are melting right through each other. Very visual closeup effect. Can be...
    Our Price: $30.00


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