• Deluxe Street Magic Set
    Deluxe Street Magic Package - Professional Magic Set
    You receive the magic props and tricks to perform professional street magic tricks. This is one of our most professional magic sets. You will learn the secrets of these tricks: Balducci Levitation 360 Degree Arm...
    Our Price: $69.99 $49.99
  • Extrasensory Perception Device
    Extrasensory Perception Device
    With this incredible electronic magic device you will be able to achieve Extrasensory Perception. Imagine knowing what item is being held in a hand of a spectator just by magically waving your hand close to their hand to...
    Our Price: $99.99 $49.99
  • Tarantula Magic Trick
    Tarantula Magic Trick - Yigal Mesika. Make objects levitate
    Check this Tarantula magic effect out: you are in a normal setting – perhaps a coffeehouse, walking down the street,classroom, park,or even a party. You borrow a friend’s ring and hold it very cleanly – nothing to...
    Our Price: $79.99 $48.99

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