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Rattled Magic Trick by Dan Hauss -DVD (gimmicks)

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Here is a neat brand new illusion that will amaze and astound your audiences. Can be carried around and done in closeup situations. It will look like your a master magician.

First there was Flow...Dan Hauss' Incredible best seller using a simple bottle of water.

This time he's using just the cap...

You unscrew the plain white cap off your water bottle and put a coin under the bottle cap. You take a step back from the table so there's no way you can get near the cap or the coin.

Your friend now shakes the cap and definitely hears and feels the coin RATTLE inside.

And without you touching anything the spectator shakes the cap again...and the rattling suddenly STOPS! You can hear no more sound. It is absolutely silent.

She looks under the cap...the coin has disappeared. The empty cap can be closely examined. No coin, no rattle sound, nothing. Just a basic plastic bottle cap and you've been standing far away from the equipment the entire time!

You can then place a glass under the table..."clink"... and the coin drops through the table into the glass! or you can have the vanished coin appear under a second empty cap that's been held by a different person. (The imaginative gimmick does the work for you so you do not have to be an expert).

There are different options that can be used. For example:

Entire rattle/vanish action is done by the spectator. You never touch the cap. Perform surrounded. Carry the cap in your pocket, or unscrew it from a water bottle. Resets in ten seconds (The Rattled re-set technology is a joy to behold). No switches! Very Easy to do. No palming required Includes Rattled Coin In Bottle and Rattled Ring on Finger Options to perform with signed coins and small objects.

Includes 2 Fully Gimmicked Caps

A SECOND gimmicked cap is included so you can explore all the glorious two-cap rattled magic trick sequences.

The rattled magic trick is 100% gimmicked. 100% examinable
Designed to amaze and also built to last. What more can you ask for in a closeup trick.

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