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Magic DVD package by Eric Jones is a great value if your looking for amazing magic. Check the demo of the Extension of Me DVD Set.

“Eric Jones is THE real deal!” This is what many of the greatest conjurers from all-round the Earth are pronouncing after running across Eric Jones performing his sensational close up magic. Eric has long been known to the magic underground, but now he is catching on like a wild fire. Eric is smooth as silk and his coin magic genuinely appears as if its real magic… slow, graceful, and dazzling. For years, Eric has tightly guarded his magic material and abstained from producing DVDs or sharing his magic ideas in detail. He’s at last decided that now is the time to share his contribution with you in his brand new three-DVD set “An Extension of Me.”

In this spectacularly produced three-DVD set you’ll have Eric walk you through magic effects utilising cards, coins, and sponge balls in scrupulous detail. Every piece of Eric’s magic is thought out to the nth degree. It appears and feels like real magic since Eric has considered every detail and point, every nuance and ultimately shares this all with you.

This magic DVD undertaking has been in the works for over two years with numerous shoots as Eric wanted to guarantee that everything from the production to the instruction to the material was first-rate. The teaching takes you through each piece in tremendous detail from assorted angles. The DVDs are attractively produced and boxed in a stunning fold-out case. The performances are pure magic. The thinking is brilliant. Eric is smooth as silk and so can you be if you watch Eric’s careful and deliberate teaching. You’ll use in your magic performances the effects from this DVD set and you’ll also find fantastic ideas, handlings, and sleights to apply to your existing magic.

Also included as a bonus is a special gimmick coin so you are able to instantly start working on Eric’s stunning version of The Karate Coin that has been acclaimed by coin experts from around the world as the best variation of this now classic coin effect.

Effects presented within this 3 DVD set:

Impossible Production
Eye Candy
Impossible Coins Across
Hellbound Remix
El Cambio Nada
Swirl Production
Standing Room Only Collectors
Elevator Cut
Oxy-Clean Coin Routine
Flash Coins Re-Lit
G.O.D.H.A.N.D. Move
Ishkibble Sandwich(feat. Iskabibble Switch,Open Faced Iskabibble Sandwich)
Tai Chi Penetration(two versions)
Ambitious Force

“An Extension of Me” by Eric Jones will alter your magic, your thinking about magic, and will simply prompt you to be a better magician.

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