David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic Made Easy Vol1. DVD


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David Roth’s Expert Coin Magic Made Easy Vol1. DVD

This is Volume 1 of David Roth’s EXPERT COIN MAGIC…made easy video VOLUME 1. Everything you need to know to start on the right road to coin magic! Volume 1 gives you a solid working knowledge of the basics of Expert Coin Magic; and David then teaches you some of the greatest classics of coin magic ever created!

This is a great way to start learning sleight of hand. Once you know the basics to make a coin disappear you can make any small object disappear! Recommended age 8 and up.

Learn the following:
* The Classic Palm * The Finger Palm * The Thumb Palm * Classic Palm Vanish * Finger Palm Vanish * Thumb Palm Vanish * Palm Finesses * Palm Transfers * Fingertip Rest Position * The Utility Switch * The Shuttle Pass * Loads & Productions * Coin Switches * Vanish & Reproduction * Winged Silver * Copper & Silver * Coin Change * Chink-a-Chink * French Drop & Variations * The Vernon Load * Ramsay Subtlety * L’Masque Load * Kaps Subtlety * Power of the Magic Wand * Benzais Friction Palm * The Bobo Switch

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