Flash Paper with Coin Trick

Coin Magic with Scotch and Soda combined with Flash Paper.
  Adding fire magic to you routine can make an ordinary coin magic trick into a dazzling effect.  One source of fire would be to use Flash Paper. It can be used for many effects. Whether to make a coin vanish or appear, flash paper creates an extra visual aspect to make the illusion seem to be more magical. You can combine flash paper with other tricks, sleight of hand, etc. In this demo, Tristen Back uses the scotch and soda in combination with the flash paper. This creates a neat coin magic illusion that can be performed close-up. Flash paper is only sold to 18+ and is used at your own risk. Any time fire is involved there is hazard. Flash paper can ignite by getting it close to a heat source. You can use a lighter like in the video, or candles, etc. For professional use only.