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Ultimate Nut and Bolt Magic Trick

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Magic Effect: Show your hands completely empty except for the nut and bolt.
As you hold the nut and bolt something starts to happen.
With only the powers of your mind the nut begins to spin on the bolt. You have full control over the nut spinning. It starts and stops at your command. It even spins off the bolt.

Everything can be examined before during and after the trick
You can even lay the nut and bolt on the table and it magically rolls without touching it!

Make a card move mysteriously down your leg or a finger ring move across your leg. All of this is possible with the power of the Ultimate Nut and Bolt.

No threads, wires, magnets are needed to make the Nut spin on the Bolt.

Very simple to perform once you know the secret. Best version on the market. Become a master magician with the power to move the nut with your mind!

Great small illusion for street magic or walk around magic. Instantly resets.
Batteries not included!

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