• Cigarette load Bangers
    Cigarette Loads Bangers
    These are the famous Exploding Cigarette Loads. Just place one of these in the end of a cigarette and when they light up--BOOM--the cigarette explodes. There are about 10-15 per package.  Might teach people the "dangers...
    Our Price: $2.75
  • Itching Powder-2 Packages
    Itching Powder-2 Packages
    Itching Powder This is the best itching powder you can get. Works great to put the itching powder in your friends bed, socks, or underwear!! Anything you can think of. You receive 2 packages of itching...
    Our Price: $1.50 $0.75
  • Master Key and Ring Mystery -Package
    Master Key -Key And Ring Mystery
    Effect: Ask the spectator to remove there finger ring. You show an old skeleton type key. You ask the spectator to try and place the ring onto the key which they are unable to do. You then place the key and ring briefly...
    Our Price: $7.99 $5.99
  • Front Side -Zombie Playing Cards
    Zombie Playing Cards -Bicycle
    If you love Zombies this deck is a must have. Pull out your Zombie cards and play a few hands with these terrifying new cards. The Zombie Deck is a totally unique deck of playing cards, both a traditional deck and a...
    Our Price: $5.00 $3.49

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