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Folding Coin - Magic Trick Quarter

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Here is the Folding Coin effect: You borrow someone's quarter, and then proceed to bite a piece off the quarter!. Showing the coin has been bitten, the magician then blows on the coin and it is magically fixed.
Effect: The magician borrows a quarter and a bottle. The magician shows that the coin is too big to fit inside the bottle. Then the magician magically makes the coin penetrate through the solid bottle. You can show the coin inside of the bottle. Shake it some and the coin will come back out! Great restaurant/bar trick. You can use almost any type of bottle.
A biting coin trick was performed by David Blaine
Coin has many uses.
It is a real quarter that can fold not once but twice as the picture shows and then you can hand it out (with a simple switch taught in the directions). You receive the quarter and instructions
Recommended for Ages 8 and up.



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