• Zig Zag Card
    Zig Zag Card
    Zig Zag Card Zig Zag Card - A playing card placed in a frame with see through windows is cut in three and the center moved out, zig zag fashion, then magically restored. A pocket version of the famous stage zig zag illusion...
    Our Price: $8.99 $6.99
  • cardiograph dvd
    Cardiograph by Wayne Dobson and JB DVD
    DESCRIPTION: An incredible REAL WORLD trick that makes layman shout out loud. 2 cards are signed, one blank faced card and one joker. Magician signs the blank card, the spectator signs the joker. The spectator is asked to...
    Our Price: $25.00 $20.00
  • The hawk 2.0 -Visual Card Change Magic Trick
    The Hawk 2.0 Card Trick by Alexander Kolle - DVD
    Paul Harris presents the Hawk 2.0 Card Trick Make your ambitious card routine go through the roof! This effect looks like something you would see on a movie or TV. It is so visual and clean it looks like an...
    Our Price: $39.99
  • 110 Tricks with a Svengali Deck Booklet
    110 Tricks with a Svengali Deck Booklet
    Finally an updated book on this great deck of cards. This is a revision of the Al Stevenson book with over 70 new entries and modern effects. New moves by Magic Ian never seen with this deck in an easy to read format...
    Our Price: $4.99
  • 110 Tricks with a Stripper Card Deck Booklet
    110 Tricks with a Stripper Card Deck Booklet
    The latest update of this classic trick. A revision of Al Stevenson's 75 tricks book, with over 60 new effects. Includes Magic Ian's Millennium Move, for close up and stage manipulators. The easy stuff is included as well...
    Our Price: $4.99
  • Porthole Card Trick
    Porthole by Darryl Vanamburg -Visual Card Trick
      Here is a fun new visual twist of a classic card effect. Stop what you're doing right now and WATCH THE TRAILER. You'll see a punched hole MOVE, BY ITSELF, from one end of a card to another. The card is signed...
    Our Price: $39.99


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