• Heinsteins Dream Torn Card DVD Cover
    Heinstein's Dream by Karl Hein -Torn and Restored Card
    Heinstein’s Dream is without a doubt the best torn and restored card I have seen. It’s a real workable item!"Bill Malone “I have had this for quite a while now and can HIGHLY recommend it to anyone...
    Our Price: $29.95
  • torn and restored card
    Torn and Restored Card Trick
    Effect: You show the audience a card that has been all torn apart into 4 pieces. Lay the pieces one by one onto the top of the card deck. The magician picks up the empty card case and taps the top of the 4 torn pieces...
    Our Price: $39.99 $29.99
  • aces in their faces dvd cover
    Aces In Their Faces cards with DVD by Bob Kohler
    Aces in their faces cards with dvd by bob kohler david copperfield, ricky jay and countless other professionals have been making the ace assembly one of the highlights of their close-up and stand-up shows for many years and...
    Our Price: $25.00

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