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$100 Bill Illusion -Change a $1 into a $100

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$100 Bill Trick Illusion

What Could be more magical then changing a one dollar bill into a one hundred dollar bill?

Watch demo

--This looks like real magic.--
This illusion has been a highlight in magic shows for years. Street magicians have performed it for amazing crowds on national TV. A dollar bill is folded into a small square. When it is unfolded, it is changed into a one hundred dollar bill! This trick is a classic of magic that you will perform in your next show.
Effect: You can change a $1 bill into a $5, $10, $20 if you like instead of a $100 bill just like in the video he uses a $1 and changed to a $20

*Trick is very easy to perform. Looks like pure sleight of hand.

*Trick comes with fully illustrated directions along with the special gimmick that helps make the trick work.

Note: Trick does not include $100 bill. You must supply your own or use a smaller denomination like a $5 

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