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Visual gimmick that allows you to move an X around the playing card and jump it to the spectators card. Can also jump to your hand!
Effect: Imagine this.. The magician gives the viewer a card to choose (no force) after that, the magician mixes a card in the deck until it is lost.

Next, on the top card of the deck, the magician draws a cross (X), then the magician magically moves the cross on the card, after which he erases it from the card and moves it to the deck and unfolding the deck, you can see that there is an X on one card and this is the viewer’s card! The cross as a bonus can also be moved to the finger and back. Gets tons of audience reactions for this surprising trick.

It’s included 1 gimmick card and online instructions. Online video instructions are English subtitled no audio

Difficulty level: medium

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2 reviews for Xteleport (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) | Ilya Melyukhin

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  1. wonderful trick

  2. Super visual and what you can do as an ending is impeccable.

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