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Knife Through Arm Effect: The magician rolls up his shirt sleeves and ties a piece of rubber tubing around one of his upper arms. He then displays a large butcher’s knife, showing it on both sides. The magician suddenly swings the blade down into his arm, almost cutting completely through! (Dont worry its only an illusion using a trick knife) He begins working the blade back and forth inside his wound and blood starts oozing out! The magician moves his arm around giving the spectators an up-close look at all sides of the blade in his arm. Once the spectators have had enough of this horrible sight, the magician removes the knife from his arm and again displays it on both sides. He wipes the blood from his arm and shows there’s no wound!

The Knife through arm comes complete with your very special trick knife
High Quality
Fake Blood not included


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    Excellent. Really good prop – excellent at close up

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