Floating Match on Card

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A magician takes a toothpick or match and places it on a playing card. Eerily it rises above the card defying gravity. It will float there for as long as the magician likes perfectly still. Take the other card and slide it underneath the card showing that it is not just an illusion but it is actually hovering wonderfully above the bent card. The match will then slowly float back down to the card. Can be done close up right next to your audience. Trick can be repeated. Trick does not come with a match. You can use any paper clip, toothpick, or wooden or paper match and levitate it. This floating match floats way above the card unlike the cheaper versions which barely rise above the card. Great to carry with you as it can be done anywhere with zero preparation. This is a perfect first trick to buy as it is really simple to learn quickly how to create the illusion.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

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