Floating Match Bicycle Back


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Floating Match -This is a very amazing illusion where you can float a small match, paper clip, cigarette, etc. on top of a playing card. You can be INCHES away and you still can’t figure it out. Just like the picture and video. It will amaze you
even when you know how it is done!
You receive a Floating match gimmicked card and a real card.
Recommended for ages 6 an up.
Bicycle Backed Card
If you see a floating match for a lower price then it is probably a cheaper version made in India/China. The cheaper floating matches are made with a different floating material (even if they have bicycle backs). You are not able to levitate the match as high with these cheap matches. You can float the card 3 times higher with our Floating Match!

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Dimensions4.5 x 4 x 0.13 in


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