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Floating Bill Effect:
With this trick you show two bills and place both on top of your flat open hand. As you wave your other hand the bills slowly float off your hand about 4-5 inches. Take one of the bills and pass it under the other bill to show no support. Looks cool and there are no strings or wires needed to perform this trick. You receive 2 Fake Bills, one of which has the magic “gimmick” attached. It can be transferred to any REAL BILL ($1, 5, 10, 20 ect.) as long as the bills are crisp.

Easy to perform.

Can be repeated

No magnets, threads, wires

Recommended for Ages 6 and up.

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  1. 2 out of 5


    Interesting gimmick. I found great difficulty getting this gimmick to work. It has to have a crisp dollar bill or crisp look-alike. That already makes it a bit impractical for me. I also find that the gimmick slips and can easily flip off my palm when doing the apparent levitation. While I have not spent a great deal of time working on this trick, it appears that it is NOT one that will fit my style of magic for its complexity in preparation and use.

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