Flash Bill -Realistic

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These are very realistic looking Flash Bills. One of the most real looking ones you can get.
They are half size bills. So they come cut in half just like the pictures and video demo.You can then fold them into smaller sizes for whatever tricks you might be doing with them.
They are specially made to burn quickly without any ash. They are only printed on one side.
We have them available in a One Dollar Flash Bill or a Hundred Dollar Bill version. You receive 10 half bills.
They do not come with instructions on magic routines. Example routine:
Using sleight of hand you can switch out a real dollar for the flash bill and vanish their dollar in a flash of fire.
Sold only to 18+
Flash products and Flash Dollars are inherently dangerous since they are fire and we assume no liability.
Shipments only to the  United States
Weight1 oz


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