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Extra Sensory Trick 2
With this incredible electronic magic device you will be able to achieve Extrasensory Perception.
Imagine knowing what item is being held in a hand of a spectator just by magically waving your hand close to their hand to “feel the energy” of the item.

Effect 1: Have multiple spectators hide a ball in one of their hands. So if you use 5 spectators it could be in any one of 10 hands. Using your mental powers you are able to guess which person holds the ball.
Effect 2: Have someone secretly hold a ball in one hand and a coin in another while the magicians back is turned. Now incredibly the magician is able to discern with his extrasensory perception which hand holds what item. Can be repeated and you are correct each and every time.
Effect 3: Borrow a finger ring from a spectator. Then hand your own finger ring to the spectator. Now have them secretly mix up the rings and place one in their pocket and the other in their hand. Once again using your extrasensory perception magic device your are able to perceive which ring is in the pocket or the hand. You are right 100% of the time.

This electronic magic device with props is easy to use and a great asset to the mentalist. Many more effects are possible by thinking up new routines to use this magic device with.
Instructions show the above 3 routines.

Instant Reset.
Comes with all the props needed to perform the above routines.
No funny or fishy moves.
The magic works automatically by waving your hand.
Nothing hidden in your hands.
Hands can be shown empty at any and ALL TIMES.

Get your extrasensory perception powers today!

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