Coin Magic Book – Set By Jean Hugard

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This is a complete manual of coin conjuring and sleight of hand coin tricks you can learn. It is a great read that once mastered will allow you to perform coin trick miracles. What is something almost everyone carried with them? Coins! So you will always be prepared to do some magic for anyone anywhere.
It also shows you flourishes that make it look like you are a master with a coin. Tricks range from easy to more advanced. Practice makes perfect.
Examples of chapters:
Basic Palms and Changes
Coin Tricks Without Apparatus
Easy Tricks, Flourishes and Catches
Tricks with Faked Coins And Apparatus
Advanced Sleights, Flourishes and Sleeving
Advanced Tricks
Special Sleights
The misers dream
Manipulations and Advanced Flourishes
Patter for the Misers Dream

Includes a magic Houdini Palming Coin

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