LinkCard (Link 2 playing cards) by Mickaël Chatelain

Linkcard by Mickaël Chatelain Video Demo
Link 2 playing cards together and hand out for inspection at the end!

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Introducing the LinkCard – the epitome of magical illusion that breathes life into a classic trick, transforming it into a mind-boggling spectacle! The cleanest version of the linking cards you have ever seen and with just 2 playing cards.

Delve into a world where two standard playing cards become a marvel of the impossible. Each card, individually torn to have a hole in the center, mysteriously links together. This isn’t just magic, it’s an enigma that transcends the laws of reality.

Unveil the mystery right before your audience’s eyes. The close-up performance will have them questioning the boundaries of what’s real, as the two separate cards become inseparably intertwined. With a bit of magic they link and unlink. Even when handed out (at the end of the routine) for thorough examination or kept as a keepsake, no one will be able to uncover the secret behind this impossible link.

Devised by the inventive mind of Mickael, this trick employs a straightforward yet ingenious gimmick that even an 8-year-old can master in mere minutes! The simplicity of the design makes it an ideal trick for any budding magician or the seasoned illusionist looking to add a fresh trick to their repertoire.

Whether you’re performing to family, friends, or showcasing your talents on social media, the LinkCard is perfect for every setting. A hit at parties or during casual gatherings, this trick will have everyone talking long after the magic has happened. It’s the perfect addition to your summer trick arsenal!

Your purchase comes complete with the gimmick and access to an online instruction guide, ensuring you’re ready to wow your audience straight out of the box. Customize your LinkCard with your choice of color – available in classic red or elegant blue.

Witness the impossible, experience the magic, and be the illusionist with the LinkCard.

Available in red and blue. Gimmicks and online instructions come with the item.

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  1. Nice trick and link to an excellent teaching video to learn how to perform the trick. Easy to do. I was surprised that the cards were not pre-torn. But I appreciate that he demonstrated how to do it.

  2. Awesome trick and easy to perform

  3. good demo

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