Effect: A deck of cards disappears when placed in case holder.

Props: You receive a special deck shell and card case holder.

Start as figure 1. with deck shell inside holder. Pull out the deck shell (careful not to show the hollow side to the audience). It will look like a real deck of cards from all sides but the underneath side.

Pull out the single card from the deck shell to show there are cards in the deck. It will look like a real deck of cards. The audience will not know you only have 1 real card in the deck.

Turn the case holder upside down and slide the deck into the holder as in figure 2.

Make sure you slide the end of the deck that you can open in first.

Slide all the way inside and turn it over. It looks like the deck has vanished! (Figure 3)

                   Fig. 1


Figure 2.


Figure 3.

Practice and follow the number 1 rule of magic-Do not reveal the secret!