You receive a “Thumbtip.” With this device you can make it appear the silk vanishes.

You will notice that once you put the thumbtip on, if it is pointed directly at the audience it becomes very hard to see. Practice in the mirror.

To start just have the thumbtip in your cupped left fist. Then poke the silk handkerchief into the tip taking turns using different fingers. Once the silk is almost all the way into the tip, using your thumb, poke the final bit of the silk into the tip and slide on the thumbtip.

Now you can briefly show your right hand IF you point your thumb directly at the audience. Most the time just have your thumb behind your other fingers. Then open your left fist and the silk looks like it has vanished. Reverse actions to make it appear.


Do not show your hand to the audience like the above picture!


Notes: Your audience will be looking for the silk and will not notice the thumbtip. Only point tip directly at audience so they will not see. The audience will think that the silk is in your left hand . Watch your left hand and never look directly at the thumbtip.