Scotch and Soda Morgan Dollar Version Explanation

You get the gimmicked Morgan Dollar, Queen Victoria coin, and the secret bang ring. To separate the coins place the Morgan coin face up in the bang ring. Bang it on a hard surface and the coin will come apart.

Classic Routine. Hide a quarter or other similar smaller coin under the Morgan Shell. Place the real Queen coin in your pocket. Display the Morgan and gimmicked insert coin with the Queen on one side and the Morgan on the other side. Display the coins so it looks like you are just holding the 2 coins. Have someone hold out their hand. As you place the 2 coins in their hand slide the Queen insert secretly into the shell between the shell and quarter. Have them close their hand at the same time. They think they are holding the Morgan and Queen coin but now it is just the quarter and Morgan.

A minute later explain the Queen Victoria coin is gone and reappeared in your pocket. Pull out the real Queen coin from your pocket and have them open their hand. They now see the Morgan coin and quarter and are amazed.

Practice and only do the trick once for your audience. And most important, never tell your audience the secret or they will lose their amazement.

Alternative trick:

Place the extra Queen coin under either an object on the table or in your pocket. Just somewhere the audience can not see. Then place the dis-assembled Morgan Queen coin on the table. Ask what coin do you like? No matter what they say you answer “Good, I will take the silver coin and place it over the copper coin. Lay the shell so it overlaps the insert by more than half way and say, “Watch close.” Slide the shell over the insert so the two pieces assemble into the one coin. The one coin will look like it was pushed into the table or vanished. Then produce the Queen coin from where it was hiding from the start. It will look like it vanished and re appeared somwhere else.

Below is a video demo instructions using a 50 cent piece and copper centavo. The Morgan version is the same except it is using the Morgan Dollar and Queen Victoria. But all the tricks that can be done are the same.