Kevlar Floating Device (Invisible Thread Reel)

To perform a basic floating effect. Clip the reel inside of your jacket. (Might come with safety pins to clip or magnets to clip on) Or wear a t-shirt with a button up shirt. This will allow you to clip the reel on the t-shirt and the thread with the wax ball you can pull through your shirt. Place the wax ball on a button of the shirt until you are ready to perform.

To do the effect take the wax ball of the shirt button and place it underneath a table. Now you have an invisible line between you and the table. Do not walk more than about 6 feet away from the table or the line will break.

Take a dollar bill and lay it over the thread and crumple it up. Do this in the act of just crumpling the dollar for the spectator. Now as you hold the dollar, slowly release your hand moving it down. The dollar will stay suspended in the air. You can wave your hands all around the dollar and it will look like it is floating. Step back a couple feet and it will still stay floating. Bring up your hand in a fluid motion and clip the thread between your thumb and hand. This way you can control the dollar and move it around. When you are done walk up to the bill and slowly straighten it out releasing it from the thread. Then you can hand it to the audience.

Tip. 1. Place the ball of wax on a deck of playing cards underneath. Then when you place on the table you can just remove the deck and you are no longer attached to the table.

2. Watch the lighting. Make sure it is not too bright and no strong lights shining from behind you.

3. Wear a shirt that has a pattern design. Do not wear a white shirt or have white walls around you! With the right lighting and background the thread will become fully invisible to the eye at close distance