Hummer Floating Card Trick (Flying Card)

A card that floats in the air. The Hummer Card
The card appears to float and levitate in the air. This is the Hummer Card.

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Hummer Flying Card
Learn the Most Amazing Floating Card Effect
-As Seen on TV-

Learn how to make a borrowed playing card float from hand to hand, and then all the way around your body! Even levitate a card vertically!

You are asking yourself how is this done? Well this is just an illusion / trick. Any person can learn how to create this illusion with minimal amounts of practice.

Effect: Borrow a credit card, business card, playing card, or just about any type of card and cause it to fly around, with no apparent hook-up! Spectators will talk about this trick for a long time. You can also make the card jump right out of the spectators hand and then float the card between your hands. Balance a playing card on top of your hand. Many things are possible with this trick. The fully illustrated booklet shows you everything you need to know. Nothing has been left out. This levitation will blow your friends away. Includes all the necessary secret material to make it work.

You may have seen other cheap versions advertised but this is the original and best version of the floating card trick. Our fully illustrated instructions are far superior to any other version.

Not only do you learn the secret but all the secret material needed to perform the trick hundreds of times is included with the book along with a downloadable instructional video.

–Now receive even more of the secret material–

*Can be done surrounded
*You can walk around and perform the trick
*Card can be examined before and after the trick
*No long sleeves or jackets required
*Once your setup with the gimmick on, you are ready to perform all day!

Quick setup time
Trick can be repeated over and over
The magical card can fly 360 degrees around your body.
You can use any card not just a trick card. Acquire any card and levitate it.

You can use this trick to entertain or for many other reasons. Picture you are meeting with a business client. Casually use the Flying Card to float your business card over to him. It will definitely break the ice and leave a memorable impression

Why buy an imitation when you can get the original floating card.

Quite possibly the coolest card trick of all time.

What Magicians are Saying:

Bob Hummer’s card as it has never been seen before.
One of the greatest floating tricks of all time. I fully endorse it.
-Gary Darwin

I love it. The Hummer Card has everything going for it. Packs small, plays big, and causes spectator’s eyes to pop out of their head.
-Robert Olson

This is one of the true classics of magic. Jon Jensen has brought it to the next level.
-Don Drake

Our Trick is the original with more secret material than any other out there.

Note: This is NOT an e-book. You will need the supplies we send to you to be able to perform the trick.

We mail your package quickly. The flying card has all the supplies included to start floating right away.

You can learn the card Trick in the above demo. Just about anyone can learn this illusion!

This trick looks astounding. You can perform this flying card walking down the street, in restaurants, school, or in a magical forest like the magician in the video.
In your package is all the supplies needed and you will also receive video instructions showing you how to setup the trick and perform it. Now receive double the floating material.

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Beginner, Intermediate



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