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D'lites Magic Trick by Rocco (Red or Blue)

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Finger lights you can pluck magically from the air

EFFECT: Imagine being able to show your hands empty and pluck lights out of the air or out of a child's ear!
You can pass the light through your head up your nose and then vanish without a trace! Very easy when you know the secret.

Rave Finger lights As Seen on TV and in LAS VEGAS.
D'lites are easy to operate. A D'lite runs on a small battery that should last a long time with normal usage.
Dlites -Finger Lights
 The pair of Dlites comes with 2 so you pass the light from hand to hand and do the effects like in the video clip. You will need 2 to create effects like that.
We also have the single Red Dlite option which is good but limits some of what you can do.
--Great for dancing parties--
*Batteries included
Comes in the Blue option also
 Junior size is good for thinner/smaller fingers
These are not the cheap chinese knock offs. These are the patented high quality version by Rocco.

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