Shrinking Coin – Dime and Penny

Dime and Penny Trick -Make a Dime Shrink Video Demo
Shrink a coin or make a dime disappear with these high precision coins.


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Show a penny and dime close your hand and the dime will SHRINK!!. You can instantly hand out the coins for inspection. They will never know the secret. Trick can be done in spectators hand!! EFFECT: Hand a dime, penny, nickel to spectator to hold. When they close their hand the dime will DISAPPEAR! Looks amazing but very simple to perform. You can do many different tricks with this set of magic coins.

Very easy to perform when you know the secret!
You receive the dime and penny trick coin set, 1 mini dime, and a bang ring.
for Ages 6 and up.

More detail: Unleash the power of illusion with our Shrinking Coin Magic Trick Set, featuring a dime and a penny. Astound your friends and family as you magically shrink a dime before their very eyes. Whether you’re a budding magician or a seasoned trickster, this set is sure to captivate audiences of all ages.

Effect: Hand out a dime, penny, and nickel to a spectator. They close their hand around the coins, and when they open it again, the dime has not only disappeared but also magically shrunken! This mind-boggling trick can be performed right in the spectator’s hand, making the magic feel even more personal and real.

Ease of Use: Although it appears highly complex, this trick is surprisingly simple to perform once you know the secret. With our magic coin set, you’ll have everything you need to master this illusion.

What’s Included: Your purchase includes the trick coin set of a dime and penny, one mini dime for the ultimate reveal, and a bang ring for setting up the trick.

Recommended Age: This set is suitable for children aged 6 and up. It makes a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or simply as a fun surprise for any aspiring magician.

Immerse yourself in the world of illusion, create memorable experiences, and bring magic to life with our Shrinking Coin Magic Trick Set – Dime and Penny. The secret’s safe with us, but the astounding effects will leave your audience in awe!

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  1. excellent

  2. My students were AMAZED-pure joy. Thank you Dreamland Magic 🙂

  3. Great trick!. Simple but works like a charm and you end clean. Multiple presentation options; try combining with a transpo to giant dime for a kicker ending. Really enjoyable “real magic” trick.

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