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“I would like to have Adrian Vega’s brain, but i don’t think he will accept mine in exchange, so I will settle for his Deck Stab 3.0, which is as close as I can get to have a miracle on my hands”
– Jandro (4 times fooler on Fool Us)

Adrian Vega had shared with the magic community his Deck Stab a few years ago and it was a great success.

After years of improvements, he shares now for the first time his new ideas and handlings for this great plot, and EVEN BETTER, all the gimmicks ARE INCLUDED.

A card is selected, signed and placed back into the deck. After shuffling the deck and placing it back into the card box, the magician takes a knife and stabs it trough all of the cards. Suddenly, the knife is slid quickly to the side with only ONE CARD STABBED on it, and of course, it is the signed card.

In this new version, you will be able to do the trick anywhere, anytime and in any situation. Now, you don’t need to destroy a card box every time that you perform, you can do it with some papers, napkins, aluminum foil or just… NOTHING! Yes, for first time, you will stab the full deck in front of the audience, in plain view because there is nothing to hide.

It is perfect for close up, table hopping (using a knife and a napkin from the restaurant), parlor or even, stage.

Highly visual and easy to do!

For the first time, the effect is ready to go right out of the box.
A bunch of new ideas and handlings.
Includes an extra PDF with some ideas to print (target, predictions…) to use it in stead of the card box.

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