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Tarantula Magic Trick - Yigal Mesika. Make objects levitate

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Product Description

Check this Tarantula magic effect out: you are in a normal setting – perhaps a coffeehouse, walking down the street,classroom, park,or even a party. You borrow a friend’s ring and hold it very cleanly – nothing to conceal. All of a sudden, you apply an easy level spin and slowly proceed to move your hands away – the ring is instantly floating. Imagine that it continues to spin and levitate – without you touching it! The ring levitates upward and downward above your hand, from one hand to another, and slowly descends and lands on one's own finger! Then you instantly repeat it, and finish off with the ring floating onto the viewers own finger! Sounds unimaginable? Believe it or not, it is simple to master! This levitation has got it all. It’s entertaining, fun, mystifying, edgy, and leaves behind a heavy emotional impact.

The Tarantula illusion is a unparalleled gimmick that's smashed the established wisdom of what reels look like and achieve. This stealth utility permits you to easily learn levitation and animation for any situation. You are able to fearlessly perform entirely surrounded with the Tarantula, and the prep only takes a second. Literally, you have the force at your fingertips, and can show your hands empty at whatever time. The Tarantula allows you to execute innumerable effects that have never been imaged or performed before. The Tarantula comes with an explanation DVD, and everything you require to get started at once.

> Every detail of the Tarantula Motorized Reel will be taught step-by-step. You'll learn fresh, incredible effects, including:

* Hovering
* New Haunted Pack
* Magnetic Money
* Magic Pen
* Floating Dollar Bill

"The Tarantula is magically genius. I highly recommend it."
- Cyril

"This is the best levitation I have ever seen"
- Whit "Pop" Haydn (6 time Magic Castle Winner of the year)

"I think the Tarantula is one of the best things you have come up with."
- Bill Palmer

- Bob Fitch, Magic Consultant

"I saw your Tarantula gimmick recently in Las Vegas - brilliant product!"
- John Kennedy

"UnnnnnnnnnBelievable...I'll actually use this...amazing, natural, forward and reverse--Wowwy! Your changing the world of magic from impracticle crap, to miracles that can be performed any day...any where!"
- Joel Bauer

"Tarantula is a very ingenious secret weapon/gimmick that once mastered, you'll carry with you all the time."
- Paul Gross

"The Tarantula is ingenious."
- Darryl Vanamburg, Inventor of the Black Widow

"This is truly unreal and a killer utility item for magicians."
- Romhany Report

"It is a work of real art, very ingenious and very practical."
- Fantasio

See live performances of the Tarantula in action.

Subtleties that will teach you how to perform with the Tarantula FLAWLESSLY!

You will get in-depth detail about precisely how your Tarantula works and how it can work for you.

By seeing first-hand exactly how Yigal Mesika works with the astounding Tarantula magic device, you'll feel like you're getting a live, personalised lesson.
The Tarantula trick is an illusion that is
* Simple to master
* Different any other reel
* Versatile
* Perform the magic tarantula sleeveless
* No assistants or helpers
* Perform entirely surrounded !!!

Critiques and Tarantula Reviews

"Here's something that will intrigue all magicians. It's an innovative new device that allows you to levitate objects and comes in an entire new form factor. I'm excited about the Tarantula. "
Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion 4/15/2009 Full Review

I love the Taranula Magic illusion. There is something magical about borrowing someones finger ring and floating it back onto their finger.
One of the coolest magic motorized reels i have played with.
Tristen Black -Magician

Get your floating illusion today. A product of Yigal Mesika

If you see the price any lower you are probably getting a cheap Chinese knockoff not even made the same way.

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