• Ultimate Street Magic Set
  • Ultimate Street Magic Set

Ultimate Street Magic Set - Professional Magic Kit / Package

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Product Description

 You receive the magic props and tricks to perform professional street magic tricks. This is our most professional magic set.
Street Magic
 Watch demos for some of the tricks you will receive in the Magic Set

You will learn the secrets of these tricks:

Balducci Levitation
360 Degree Arm Twister
Ash Trick
$5 and $1 bill Transposition Trick
Cut and Restored Rope (Use any rope)
Pencil Through Bill Pro (Use Any Pencil/Pen No gimmick method)
Professor's Nightmare Rope (Use any rope)
Pk Spinning Pen
Linking Rubber Bands
One Hundred Dollar Bill Illusion

You will receive these high quality tricks with props:

Mirage Trick Deck (Improved Svengali) -Bicycle Version
Invisible Trick Deck or Stripper -Bicycle Version
Original Floating Bill Illusion
Folding/Biting Coin
Liquid into Newspaper Trick
Vanishing Silk
Magic Sponge Balls
2 Card Monte
Vanishing Deck
Card Change Illusion Device
Shrinking Card Box
Note: Some of the above tricks may vary

Now Receive 3 More Tricks!

The Hummer Card-As seen in Las Vegas
Borrow a credit card or playing card and it floats all around your body!
Card Levitates in mid-air. Classic Illusion. Amazing to watch

  Pen thru Dollar
Take a pen and thrust it into a dollar. Magically the dollar is not harmed.

Pencil Through Bill
Take a pencil and push it thru a bill. Visually show that it is going through the middle. After it is pulled out
it leaves no puncture in the bill. 

 You can learn street magic similar to David Blaine.
David Blaine is the magician that recently popularized street magic on TV.
Note:  These tricks do not have David Blaine's picture or name on them. They are not endorsed by David Blaine. The tricks are recommended for ages 10 and up.

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