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Magical PK Ring -Magnetic Ring

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Pk power in your hand. Perform amazing effects and tricks with this Pk Ring. Transform, vanish, control cards, stop time, and more. Very strong Magnetic Ring.

This is a neodymium magnetic ring which is one of the most powerful Rare Earth Magnet Rings you can get. Entire ring is magnetic.
Wear this ring like any other ring and you are always prepared to perform magical tricks.
Your finger will look completely natural and no one will know you have a magnet ring which can be used for many tricks. With magnetic rings you will not need to conceal magnets in your hand while performing your favorite magnetic tricks. Your always ready to go.

Ring has tribal looking writing on it as in the picture. Photos are of actual Magnetic PK Ring. Silver Color PK Ring
Do not use if you have a pacemaker.

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