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Mystical Nail Bend Illusion

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Simply the cleanest professional metal bending effect available.

Show a solid bent nail found on the ground to your audience. Slowly and visually the nail will bend right before their eyes and become straight again. The nail actually begins to bend by itself. No sleight of hand needed. The EXACT nail can be handed out for examination.
You can also have the spectator HOLD the nail and it will bend in their hand.
If there was real magic this is what it would look like. This nail trick is a great effect for the mentalist demonstrating psychokinetic power. The illusion to bend a metal nail with your mind has a powerful effect on your audience.

Illusion highlights:
One sold metal nail used
No switches
Can be done surrounded
Angle proof
No sleight of hand to learn.
The mystical nail looks perfectly real not gimmicky

magic demo
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