• Nail bending trick
    Mystical Nail Bend Illusion
      Simply the cleanest professional metal bending effect available. Show a solid bent nail found on the ground to your audience. Slowly and visually the nail will bend right before their eyes and become straight...
    Our Price: $69.99 $29.99
  • P'ink Magical Marker Trick
    P'ink by Ran Pink -Magical Marker Pen Trick
    "This is so f#&king great. So many ideas are rushing through my head right now!"- Calen Morelli "Ran Pink is a genius! I've used his pens on everything from money to my own flesh and it has made it into several of...
    Our Price: $29.95
  • Pencil through dollar Trick
    Pencil Thru Bill
      David Copperfield did a similar trick on National Television. It is very simple to perform but looks amazing. EFFECT: Borrow any bill and thrust the pencil right through. It looks exactly as the photo. You can...
    Our Price: $14.99 $6.99
  • Pouring liquid into a Newspaper
    Pour Liquid Into a Newspaper
      EFFECT: A newspaper is opened and shown to the audience. The magician folds the newspaper again and proceeds to pour a glass of a water into it. Once again, the newspaper is unfolded and opened and even turned...
    Our Price: $8.99 $7.99
  • Magnet Ring -Red Stripe VIew 1
    Powerful Magnetic PK Ring - Red or Black Striped Design
    This is a perfect ring that you can wear on a regular basis that is magnetic. With a magnetic ring you can do many tricks. You could make your pocket watch stop on command or make a magnetic chop cup routine. The trick also...
    Our Price: $7.99
  • Rope To Silk Trick
    Professional Rope to Silk
    Professional Rope to Silk 18 Inch Effect: A soft rope stands vertically at your command. Then it falls down... amidst laughter of the audience, finally it changes into a beautiful silk handkerchief. This effect is...
    Our Price: $7.99
  • Pk pen
    Psychokinetic Pen
      Psychokinetic Pen Effect: A pen is balanced on the edge of the table and then the performer walks away. After exerting tremendous mental powers directed at the pen, the pen slowly wiggles then moves and finally...
    Our Price: $22.00
  • Sponge Balls Magic Trick
    Sponge Balls-1 1/2 Inch Red
    Sponge Balls These are 1 1/2 inch sponge balls.  You get four as in the picture. They come with basic instructions on how to do different tricks.  Sponge Balls Effect: You take a sponge ball and a spectator...
    Our Price: $4.99
  • Nut and Bolt trick
    Ultimate Nut and Bolt Magic Trick
    Magic Effect: Show your hands completely empty except for the nut and bolt. As you hold the nut and bolt something starts to happen. With only the powers of your mind the nut begins to spin on the bolt. You have full...
    Our Price: $249.00 $69.99
  • Silk Vanish Trick -Vanishing scarf
    Vanishing Silk Magic Trick
      Imagine being able to push a small object into your hand and make it disappear without difficult sleight of hand. This utility device makes it possible to vanish silks, cigarettes, salt, even water in your bare...
    Our Price: $8.99


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