• Double Match Pull
    Double Match Pull
     Double Match Pull - Metal Sure Fire Professional Gimmick Holds TWO Matches! This miniature device enables the you to pluck lit matches from your coat label, pocket or anywhere else you desire. Holds two matches...
    Our Price: $14.99 $4.99
  • Magic Fire Wallet -Deluxe flames from wallet
    Magic Fire Wallet -Deluxe
    Here is a deluxe magic fire wallet. Show your leather wallet that holds your id,money,credit cards,etc. to the audience. Now at any point you can have flames shoot out the top of the wallet like a volcano! It...
    Our Price: $34.99 $24.99
  • dragons breath fire trick
    Dragons Breath Powder
     Dragon's Breath Fire Powder This is Dragon's Breath Powder. You can make a 3 FOOT FLAME SHOOT FROM YOUR FINGERTIPS! Used by Hollywood and Professional Magicians. Can be used close-up or on stage. We supply enough...
    Our Price: $7.99
  • Extreme Change Bag -Jim Pace
    Extreme Change Bag by Jim Pace
        This is a magic change bag with a twist. A Fire twist! East meets a showdown for the ages..the change bag is engulfed in flames! ECB (or "extreme change bag") is a revolution in...
    Our Price: $62.75 $24.99
  • Mystery Smoke -Refill Cartridges
    Mystery Smoke -Refill Cartridges
    Never run out of smoke for your “Mystery Smoke” system! These exclusive refills will deliver over 50+ large puffs of smoke per refill cartridge. Each pack comes in a quantity of 10 refills. The Mystery Smoke...
    Our Price: $6.99


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