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Magic Card Bite

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This trick allows you to have a card selected and signed. Then you take the signed card and bite a piece off. Just blow on the card and the card is instantly restored. Looks really good. Card gimmick is made with blue bicycle cards.
Can be used as a stand alone effect or add the magic card bite too any of your favorite card routines. In the middle of your magic card routine just bite out the card and spit it back on magically. Continue with your card routine like nothing has happened!

Very simple to perform
Recommended ages is 10 and up
Card Bite is made with bicycle cards
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NOTE: Does not Flash with fire like in the video.
Flash from fingertips was used to perform the effect with fire.
Can be performed without adding any fire.
This trick is recommended not for closeup magic. Use it for cabaret where there is a little distance bewteen you and the audience.

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