X-Tubes by Magic Effex – Trick

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X-Tubes by Magic Effex
Here are just two of the many effects possible with the X-Tubes:

EFFECT: The magician borrows any bill and places it into the tube. Amazingly, the bill disappears and a thank-you note appears in its place, with the proper denomination written on it!

EFFECT: The magician fills one tube with rice, covers it with the other tube and shakes it back and forth. To everyone’s amazement, the rice seems to have doubled in quantity! A small amount of the poured out rice is put back into the tube and again covered with the other and given a shake. This time, water is then poured out and both tubes are shown empty!

    * No Switching Of The Tubes
    * Everything May Be Examined Before And After
    * Precision-Crafted From Durable Plastic
    * Includes Six Routines And A Set Of Three Tubes
Weight2.3 oz
Dimensions5 x 5 x 0.6 in


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