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Imagine a torn corner of a dollar bill visibly vanishing and appearing inside of a factory sealed container of chewing gum. This is exactly what you get with the Ultra Gum Effect.

Effect: You basically borrow a dollar from someone. Then slowly tear off a piece of the corner of the dollar bill. You then proceed to clearly make the corner disappear. Where could it have gone? Well it seams sitting on the table throughout the entire routine is a package of gum. A container that has multiple pieces. The spectator can then go pick it up and see that the bill can clearly be seen visually through the clear plastic container. Sealed inside with the gum is their corner of the bill that had vanished. The seal is broken from the tamper proof box of gum and the corner taken out. It can now be matched up proving this is the one torn from the dollar.
Dvd comes with the needed gimmicks that are reusable so nothing needs to be replaced. There are 2 and a half hours of magic on this DVD. More than enough to show you multiple handlings and more ideas fro other gum tricks
you can do.
Everything in the trick is examinable.

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  1. 4 out of 5


    Fun but difficult . Great trick, but time consuming and difficult to prepare. It’s also not foolproof in being undetectable. Perceptive people have figured it out, and I don’t like tricks that the audience can’t examine. That said, I do enjoy it, it’s very entertaining, even when people do figure it out.

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