Twilight Angel trick by Paul Harris

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A Heavenly Effect!

You display a small “angel catcher” (which to the audience looks just like a small mirror) and hand it out to the audience for examination. You then point out the angels printed on the backs of normal Bicycle playing cards and explain that since angels are made of pure light and that the mirror reflects pure light, meaning you can combine the two to alter space and time. You place the mirror on the back of the card so the reflection of both angels is clearly seen. As you slowly slide the mirror across the card, a strange “angel zone” opens up next to the reflected angel. Suddenly, the reflected angel is gone! It`s not in the mirror or on the card-the angel has completely vanished! The “angel catcher” is repositioned to display the reflection of the one remaining angel. You slowly slide the mirror to create a second reflected angel. This face optical angel visibly slides off the mirror and onto the card, transforming into a printed angel! You hand the actual printed card with both angels on one end and a blank space at the other! The card, mirror and even the entire deck can all be thoroughly examined.

Comes with two specially printed cards on Bicycle stock, mirror, carrying case and detailed, 8-page, fully illustrated booklet

This item is in bicycle backed standard. These are discontinued. Once they are gone they are gone. They are only making them in Mandolin backs now.

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