SSS Smoke ( Sleeveless Silent Smoke ) -DVD and Gimmick

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This smoke effect is very promising and highly recommended. It is amazing what you can do with it. From the creative mind of Shin Lim comes an extremely versatile, dependable and inexpensive device to produce smoke from thin air…

With NO sleeves, NO complicated hookup, and NO noise, you can cleanly produce smoke from an isolated place far away from your hands. Imagine standing 2 feet away from an untouched glass cup. Then, imagine that glass cup slowly, eerily filling up with a cloud of white smoke. Imagine have the power to produce smoke literally anywhere.

Just think of the audiences reaction when you produce the smoke. This is something a true magician should be able to do. Looks like an effect you would see on TV but of course you can perform this live in front of your audience.

On this DVD, Shin teaches you how to make the gimmick from scratch with the exact parts that he uses to make his own Smoke gimmick. And before you shy away from the idea of spending hours upon hours making the gimmick; Don’t worry! The gimmick takes literally 10 minutes to make, costs under $25.00 and will last you for years. In fact, most of the parts that Shin will require you to get are readily available from local stores as well as on line.

You will have the ability to produce the cleanest smoke at will without worrying about spectators hearing any noise or hum. This is S.S.S.

*Included in this DVD is a gimmick that is “the right size” and a harder to find in small quantities than the other parts required, which is why it was included. However, every single part of SSS can be found at any hardware, CVS store, etc. or online for under $25.00 – $35.00. (Shin goes in extreme detail of how and where to get them).

The smoke produced from SSS is completely safe, and has no odor whatsoever.

Sleevless, Silent,Smoke by Shin Lim

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Great idea and trick. I was pleased to hear little or no accent from Shin Lim. He is very thorough in explaining how to do the trick, what is needed, and ever where to purchase the parts. I have not yet put this trick together, but it appears that it will be easy to construct and would have some other applications with some “thinking out of the box. Good Luck.

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