Spoon Bending -Ultimate Bending Set

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As Seen on TV
Spoon Bending

This is a complete set of metal bending magic materials. Whats magic is more compelling and baffling than closeup bending of metal like spoons,forks,nails,and coins.
All the secrets fully explained behind these fantastic metal bending effects. Very easy to learn how to do the magic tricks by watching the detailed DVD included.

Learn all the secrets behind the metal bending effects: Perfect Bend Spoon, Bending Fork, Bending Nail, Bending Coin, Impromptu Bending Spoon (2 methods), Twisting Spiral Spoon bend.

You will receive:
Learning DVD
Complete Perfect Bend Spoon‘ Trick
(includes bent spoon to pass out)
Bent Nail and examinable nail
Bent Fork
Every metal effect has detailed presentation and method explained, step-by-step. It will look as if you have the mind powers to heat up metal and bend it with magic.


Weight12.5 oz
Dimensions5 x 7 x 7 in


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