Brass Ring Casket Trick

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Imagine you borrow a  ring from an audience member and it vanishes. Instantly you pull it from your pocket in a sealed brass container.

Hand the container to your spectator and instruct them to unscrew the lid.
After at least 30 seconds the Ring Casket is finally opened, inside is their borrowed Ring!

Solid Brass Masterpiece! Instant Re-Set!
 Brass Ring Casket The magician borrows an object such as a ring from a spectator.
The ring is placed underneath a handkerchief, the corners of which are held down by the spectator.
A brass box is given to a second spectator to hold.
The box is obviously closed. After saying the magic words the ring disappears from beneath the handkerchief.
The ring is found inside the brass box! The box takes awhile to unscrew its lid.
Any small object that can fit into the box can be used for this trick.
Great effect. Once the object is inside the brass casket you can have them inspect it all they want, it will not open unless they screw the top of which is a very tedious task.
Other small objects like coins can be used to appear inside the brass casket.

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