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Here is a fun new visual twist of a classic card effect. Stop what you’re doing right now and WATCH THE TRAILER. You’ll see a punched hole MOVE, BY ITSELF, from one end of a card to another. The card is signed and given away after the effect. Never, EVER, has a moving hole effect looked so visual. You should see the faces of the crowd when they see this effect.

Porthole comes with the precision-made prop you need to perform the effect, and it will last a lifetime. The apparatus takes care of everything for you–no sleights required at all.

Some more things to consider:
You start and finish completely clean
You can perform “Porthole” surrounded.
Easy To Do
No Threads – No Wires
You can perform this with playing cards, business cards or Similar.
No forces – No Switch
Performance and explanation footage included in DVD.
We shy away from using words like “ultimate” or “definitive” but it’s hard to imagine a cleaner version of the moving hole plot. This looks as close to real magic as you can get!

“Porthole is one of the coolest new effects I’ve seen in a long time. It totally freaked me out when Darryl showed it to me. I’ve Not been blown away by an effect in a long time and this one did it !!!”
– Roy Kueppers

“The Best Animating Hole I’ve Seen. A Real Worker!”
– Robert Barna – Professional Magician

“What a wonderful close up illusion. Clever, Simple and Direct.”
– Wilber Cortez – Magician Canada

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5 reviews for Porthole by Darryl Vanamburg -Visual Card Trick

  1. 5 out of 5


    Expect success. I entertain family and friends with tricks and this one will do fine. I have not constructed the gimmick yet as I am practicing a tear and restore trick at the moment and need to select a better deck for the gimmick. Seeing how its done tells me its going to do just fine. I hope one day to author my own trick for all to enjoy.

  2. 5 out of 5


    “Oh my gosh”…… “Oh my gosh” is just one reaction I got when performing this trick. The effect is stunning. The gimmick has to be constructed by the magician using the materials provided, but if you just follow the instructions on the DVD, you’ll be ready to surprise anybody you perform this for.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Great magic trick.. Once you set up the trick, it is fairly easy to do with some practice. I had to practice a bit for the transition, getting the gimmick in place. Other than that it is a fantastic trick, which I definitely recommend purchasing. Keep in mind I collect and dabble with magic tricks as a hobbie and I don’t do it as a profession.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Worth every pennie!. Follow the CD instructions and you will have a trick that truely and easily gives the audience just what they want….MAGIC! This trick never gets old. Anyone can practice this and pull it off. A MUST HAVE!

  5. 5 out of 5


    A MUST HAVE for All!. An easy set up, easier presentation and all with a clean ending. Tricks like this are what makes magic fun, expanding, and naturally fascinating for all. The Porthole is convincing, awe drawing, and ALWAYS a croud pleaser. Perfect for close up, table, and street. Keep’ em coming Vanamburg!

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