One & Only by Paul Harris – Trick

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You remove a flat, invitation-size envelope from your pocket and dump out an “invisible deck”. You direct a spectator to freely “destroy” these imaginary cards until only a single card remains. Let’s say the Queen of Diamonds.

The spectator tosses the invisible Queen of Diamonds toward the envelope. You. then slowly and cleanly remove the “one & only ” card in the envelope. It’s the spectator’s “one &only” Queen of Diamonds.

  • The Envelope is clearly seen to contain no other cards after the “one &only” card is removed.
  • The card in the envelope is always the exact card named by the spectator.
  • Uses just one envelope.
  • No palming, switching, or loading of the envelope.
  • Self-contained.
  • Resets in seconds.
  • Perform sitting, standing or while aimlessly wandering around.
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