Mental Energy Card Deck

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With this amazing card deck you will be able to perform mental power miracles. Envision the excitement your audience will have when you execute this magic mental effect. This deck gives you the powers of a true Mentalist.
Effect: Gather a few spectators together, have one take your card deck and place it in their back pocket. (Of course they do this with your back turned or you could be in the other room so there is no way you could know which person placed the deck in their back pocket.) Then using magic powers (and using the magic secret) you will be able to mentally tell which person has the deck of cards hidden in their pocket.

Or place 6 paper bags apart around the room. Have the deck of cards placed underneath any bag while your not looking. You will always know which bag contains the deck.

The deck does all the work for you. no strings wires or magnets involved.
You receive the special deck of cards and all the instructions needed.
Unique New Magic Mentalist Principle
AAA battery not included

Cards are Bicycle Back Brand

Weight6.1 oz
Dimensions4 x 5 x 1 in


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