Linking Cigarette Trick DVD by Akira Fujii


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Effect: The magician borrows a Cigarette and holds it between his fingers. Then slowly then penetrate through each other. It looks like they are melting right through each other.
Very visual closeup effect. Can be done directly in front of your audience. They will be blown away. You can repeat the effect several times and each time the cigarettes will magically link together. You can also use 2 small sticks or similar items and make the illusion work. Practice is the key to make this turn from a simple trick into a beautiful illusion.

Does not use – Threads!
Does not use – Magnets!
Does not use – Sticky Tape!
Does not use – Wax!
And you can perform in front of live people so of course no camera tricks or edits!

Linking Cig DVD Approximately: 24min

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